KSO Culture Show


KSO culture show, the longest running cultural show in the history of the University, is an annual event that showcases various aspects of Korean culture for students and the community. Our focus rests upon two principles: First, to enrich the lives of those interested in learning/embracing Korean culture; Second, to create an awareness of Korean culture on campus and in the Chicago area. KSO Culture show is organized by KSO, and staffed largely by student volunteers. The event this year will start off with a full dinner of traditional Korean food. Following the banquet will be the culture show comprised of skits, plays, songs, and dances presented by students of the University of Chicago.

Winter 2014: Tangled in Ramen

The 2014 KSO Culture Show, Tangled in Ramen, invites you to join us for a fun night that you will never forget. The show is on 1 March (Sat 8th week), and includes a Korean dinner as well. Look out for our ticket sale!



This year's synopsis

Once reputed for its famed performing arts program, the old school is under piling debts and well on its way to bankruptcy. The limited budget leads to dismissing small and unpopular performing groups such as Shinaburo that consists of a motley of traditional Korean arts. Yuna is determined for her performance group to continue and seeks help from her long-estranged sister, Seunghee. Although the relationship seems to improve, Seunghee decides Yunas troublemaking behaviour is too troublesome. At the same time, Yuna has a crush on the nice waiter oppa at the Ramen Shop, while her childhood friend grudgingly restrains his own feelings for her.



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